House Rules

1. This is a Deathwatch game with Ascended Dark Heresy characters welcome.

2. All the missions will be chosen by the PCs. Each mission is based off of an adventure seed created by the GMs, but each Kill Team for that mission will use John Wick’s Dirty Dungeon during a short pre-mission briefing to flesh out the missions themselves. Each mission should be worked so that the players can complete it (at least during the early campaign) during the game session. If not there may be story consequences.

3. The campaign itself will be run by at least three GMs. Each GM will be in charge of one of the Jericho Reach’s Salients and the stories that occur there, but they will also work together to build the overarching grand campaign. Eventually, there will be missions where all the GMs will run for all the players at the same time. Also, Kill Teams will not be set. As the Deathwatch members can travel rather freely throughout the Jericho Reach the members assigned to each Salient will shift from mission to mission. For example, if Pete is playing a Space Wolf Longtooth (Devastator) and is needed on a mission against the Tyranid and he survives, perhaps the next mission he goes on will be fighting against the Tau in another Salient, or even Heretics in the third Salient.

4. Female players are encourage. Yes, I know, the Space Marines are all male, and if you want to play one that is fine. But, we are offering you the chance to play either an Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos, or an Adeptus Sororitus (Sister of Battle). You can, of course, play a male Space Marine, if you want, or if you have another idea for a character that we haven’t thought of let us know, and we will consider it.

5. All Space Marines will come from either ‘Book’ Chapters or a custom designed chapter built by the GM’s. Any custom Chapters must be approved by all the GMs before any players may use them for characters, but once approved they are available for all players. We are planning on creating the Iron Hands and Blood Ravens as definite Chapters for this campaign. We are also considering creating the Angels of Iron. Let us know what Chapter(s) you are interested in playing and we will work to accommodate your character concept.

House Rules

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