Celestial Hunters

Founded in the 36th Millennium with the gene seed of the White Scars, the Celestial Hunters Chapter was a New Generation of Space Marines with attempts to manipulate the gene seed.

This was a reward by the Ordo Hereticus to a White Scars Techmarine who died after defeating a Chaos Daemon Prince in single combat and became the Progenitor of this new Space Marine Chapter. His name is lost in Imperial record. The Administratum sanctioned the homeworld of Celestine, a Jungle Planet nearly as dangerous as Catachan, but inhabiting several hundred Hive Cities.

Upon securing this gene seed, the Imperium experimented with different cloning technologies to remove any perceived Flaws on Bast, the single moon of Celestine. The only configuration that worked, however, gave the test subjects a Hyper Omophagea. The new Astartes were excellent at tracking by eating and processing the flesh of their prey, but they harbored hunger for that flesh.

The First Hunt
The Celestines became aware of their new Astartes at the turn of the 37th Millennium, as the First Company announced itself when a Splinter Fleet of the Tyranid Hive Fleet Behemoth arrived, via Mycetic Spores. With a resounding counter-attack, the Celestial Hunters sent multiple squads to exterminate the invading Xenos. They experienced heavy losses yet succeeded in eradicating every Tyranid on the infected continent of Ajaba. Of the hundred Space Marines sent, only three returned, two of which were mortally wounded.

Battle Brother Aetheros Simba became the last living Space Marine of the fledgling Chapter within a week of the incident. He descended to every major Hive City during that month, recruiting the strongest, most diligent or most technologically sound members of the planet. Each went through a rigorous training process before being inducted as a Neophyte and put through the gene-seed process. Over a period of half a century, the second wave of Astartes emerged.

The Second Hunt
The Celestines told stories of the Warrior from the Stars, the one who would return with their best and brightest one day when they needed them most. Indeed, this prophecy became reality, as one of the jungle’s most dangerous predators, the Balam, started to ravage the fringes of the Hive Cities of Ajaba. These pony-sized, multi-jawed jaguars were at the top of the food chain in the jungle, but they had suddenly started hunting in the Hive Cities.

Over the half-century of absence, the Hive Fleet had started the process of Gene-stealing in the jungles. Beasts and all manner of biomorphs had begun killing the Balam’s normal prey, and they ran starving into the Hive Cities for sustenance. The Astartes were alerted of the Tyranid presence once more, and the Second Hunt began.

Led by the Chapter Master Aetheros Simba, the full ten companies of still unnamed Astartes descended by Thunderhawk Gunship to eradicate the Tyranid threat once more. A few hundred Space Marine Bikers ramped off the ships moments later, and the entire continent of Ajaba became a war zone.

For weeks, the Astartes cleansed with fire and bolt shell, the jungles of Ajaba. Then, a curious observation by the Battle Brothers came. The Balam fought the Tyranids alongside the Astartes! Perhaps sensing the alien malignancy, the native predators ran alongside the Astartes Bikers with incredible speed, and tore apart any Xenos that were not torn down with bolter fire. The Battle Brothers saw it as a Blessing from the Emperor, and soon had Balam with them in every battle.

The Second Hunt lasted three months, the Balam flushing out the Tyranids even in the Hive Cities, and the final Broodlord fell in what came to be the new Capital Hive of Celestine itself. The Balam and the Astartes, named by the inhabitants as the Celestial Hunters, were victorious.

The Third Hunt
Soon after the Scouring of Ajaba, the Sisters of Battle who maintained a nearby system called for the help from the Celestial Hunters. The Daemon Prince Xizor was polluting the planet Riel with blessings from Tzeentch. Mutants and heretics ran rampant on the planet, held together by the will of Riel. The Order of the Burning Rose prayed for the Emperor’s deliverance.

Chapter Master Simba once again ordered the Thunderhawk Assault, and the surface of Riel was covered by explosions, speeding Astartes, and vicious Balam. They had one order: Kill the Daemon Prince. In a single afternoon, the Hunters decimated the landscape until Xizor showed himself.

Xizor strode through the Astartes with Warp energy crackling all about him, challenging the strongest of the Battle Brothers to honorable combat. In single combat, the Chapter Master fought with Xizor as the rest of the Astartes stood ready. If their Master would fall, they would exercise The Emperor’s Holy Vengeance upon Xizor. It was all a ruse, as the Daemon Prince ripped a hole in reality and swallowed all on the ground into a Vortex to the Warp. The Daemon Prince’s mighty wings bore it into the air, making it immune to the vortex. Nearly fifty Battle Brothers, including the mighty Simba, were lost.

The Daemon Prince called for the next challenger, laughing at the distraught First and Second Company.

He was answered by a single beam of light, which sliced first his head, then his appendages apart. The Master of the Forge, Marius Saba had fired his Conversion Beamer repeatedly the moment the Daemon Prince called for another challenge. He was a kilometer away.

The Daemon Prince’s body fell into the closing vortex, and the mutations ceased and reversed. The planet Riel was free from Chaos for the moment, and Chapter Master Simba and his First Company were avenged.

From that moment came the tradition of the two Masters of the Celestial Hunters, the Simba and the Saba. The Simba as the honorable warrior who faces his enemies in close quarters combat, and the Saba, who faces the enemies with astounding firepower and tactical precision. Even now the Chapter has both Masters, each paying heed to the other in order to never face quite a loss again.

For the next few millennia, the Celestial Hunters exerted a distant rule of Celestine, and included the life bond with a Balam as part of their induction into becoming a Space Marine.

An aspirant must prove himself a competent technologist as well as having a strong constitution before being selected by the Qualmi, the Chaplain order of the Hunters. They are immediately tested through ritual scarification their loyalty to the Emperor. Then through multiple ardors and trials, including a year-long survival test on the dangerous Ajaba continent,the new aspirant is taken back to Bast and thrown into a pit with a Balam cub and several other jungle predators. If the aspirant and the Balam become synchronized and defeat the other predators, the aspirant begins the gene-seed process. Most Chapters start aspirants as Scouts, however Stealth is never a concern for the Hunters.

As a Neophyte, both the budding Astartes and the Balam are rigorously trained in several offensive and defensive drills, the Astartes on a Bike and the Balam keeping up. This process is sacred to the Hunters, creating a life bond with the Balam and training the Astartes the the holy technology of the Imperium’s finest warriors.

Once a Battle Brother has spent a minimum of fifty missions in a Bike Squad, then they may specialize in the different cults within the Chapter. Usually the Battle Brothers carry their cults with them with their monikers.

Ajaba-Aspirant/Neophyte. Not fully a Space Marine. Used as a derogatory term like “rookie”
Bagheera-Veteran. Wiser in the ways of warfare than the rest of the Chapter, this moniker is the most revered besides Simba and -Saba.
Librarian. Those who harness the powers of the Warp to the betterment of the Chapter and Imperium.
Ceilician-Techmarine. Those who keep all the Chapter’s equipment in working order, and appease the machine spirits of all holy weapons of the Chapter.
Khan-Force Commander. Honorific to a senior Space Marine.
Pumonica-Apothecary. Those who preserve the Chapter’s gene-seed and administer the medicae.
Qualmi-Chaplain. Those that choose and inspire others to become better than what they once were in the name of the Holy God-Emperor of Mankind
Saba- Master of the Forge. Honorific to a senior Techmarine
Simba-Chapter Master.
Swara-Space Marine Bikers. The majority of Celestial Hunters.

In-game Benefits

Characters receive +2 W, +5 to a characteristic of your choice, and the Hip Shooting Talent
Codex Demeanor: Honor the Emperor
Solo Mode Ability:
Forge Training- A Battle Brother with this ability may re-roll a Skill test involving Piloting a Flying Vehicle or Driving a Ground Vehicle.

Squad Mode Attack Pattern:
Storm of Hell- Battle Brothers of the Celestial Hunters gain the Furious Assault ability

Squad Mode Defense Pattern:
Cat-like Reflexes-Whenever a Celestial Hunter Battle Brother successfully Dodges an Attack, he receive an extra full Move Action immediately.

Celestial Hunters

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