Solomon Maddox


Name: Solomon Maddox
Rank: Lexicanium
Serial #: PSY567251
Chapter: Blood Ravens
Specialty: Librarians
Preferred Weapon(s): Force Sword/Bolter Pistol

I can play on:
Monday Day (X ) Nights ( X)
Tuesday Day ( X) Nights ( X)
Wednesday Day ( X) Nights ( )
Thursday Day ( X) Nights (X )
Friday Day ( X) Nights (X )
Saturdays Day (X ) Nights ( X)
Sunday Day (X ) Nights (X ) (No Houses Nights)

My availability depends on my school. I will try and make a day open but for finals and such I may need to jump days with short notice.


“My Armor is Contempt
My Shield is Disgust
My Sword is Hatred
In The Emperor’s Name
Let None Survive.”

Solomon was never anything special. An average boy on an average planet. Even he was surprised when he displayed psychic talent at a far earlier age than most everyone. He was taken for evaluation and showed great potential as a Psyker; potential that he never lived up too. Solomon was deemed only fit to be sacrificed to the Emperor.

It was then that the vision came to him, the Emperor, stood before him. Many words were said, or perhaps none were, Solomon stood before Him and knew His glory. He was a Chosen of the Emperor, one of those deemed to go to far worlds and take arms against those who would not see the True Way.

Solomon went from being a corpse in denial to fulfilling his vast potential. As a Blood Raven he only knew victory and his reputation did nothing but rise. Some even begin to question his sanity and rise through the ranks. Fit for nothing but death to a member of the Blood Ravens, in such a small time? What sort of benefactors does Solomon have? Is he really what he says he is?

Solomon only looks to continue his bloody march to save the Universe from itself, if that is in the Deathwatch so be it.

Solomon Maddox

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