Haarkon Redmaw

Space Wolf Tactical Marine known for his gregarious and competitive nature.


Haarkon Redmaw comes from the tribe of the same name, known for it’s bestial nature in the face of battle. Haarkon died gloriously in battle in front of the Wolf Priest Alrik Aesir, a former member of the Deathwatch. The young aspirant sang a battle hymn as a rival clan stormed his village, and though peppered with arrows and run through with spears, continued his song until his last breath.

The Wolf Priests took the fighting bard and put him through the revivification process within the Fang. Over the years, the young Blood Claw showed great promise and resolve, even earning the eye of his current Wolf Lord, Bran Redmaw.

To be part of his Great Company was his greatest honour as of yet, as he won many battles aside his Wolf Lord and Wolf Priest. Haarkon won many honors amongst his Great Company, and was shown the ways of the Hunt. He even went on to tame a great Thunderwolf at using the tutelage of the Wolf Priest! When the call for the Deathwatch came, Haarkon decided to follow in the footsteps of his mentor.

Now Haarkon strives to carve his own saga in the Jericho Reach and return a conquering hero back to the Fang, and back to his Battle Brothers and his devoted Thunderwolf Frey.

Haarkon Redmaw

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