Gunnar Stormbreaker

Rune Priest of Harald Deathwolfs Mead Hall


All stats are as rolled, not including Power Armor or Unnatural Strength and Toughness.

Weapon Skill: 42
Ballistic Skill: 39
Strength: 42
Toughness: 43
Agility: 42
Intelligence: 39
Perception: 46
Willpower: 45
Fellowship: 54!
Wounds: 22
Fate Points: 5
Movement: 4/8/12/24

Demeanours: Gregarious, Sons of Russ
Past: Bitter Vengeance

Power Armor: Mk VII “Aquilla,” with an Undefeated history
Chapter Trapping: Totem of the Sun Wolf (+3 to Awareness checks)
Standard Equipment: Boltgun w/Firing Selector, Force Weapon, Bolt Pistol, 3 Frag Grenades, 3 Krak Grenades, Astartes Combat Knife, Repair Cement

Psy Rating: 3
Psyker Abilities: Smite
Iron Arm
Living Lightning (Bought with starting experience points)

Special Skills and Abilities: Heightened Senses (Smell)
Psyniscience (Trained)


Gunnar Stormbreaker was a talented young pup that was noticed from his very birth.

Born as all future Space Wolves to the harsh tribes of the planet Fenris, Gunnar was the child of his villages Skald, and was quick to learn the great tales that his father told. As winters passed, the young Gunnar witnessed the ebb and flow of his tribes power, creating his own tales of heroism and loss that could even surpass the tales of old his father once told. It was during his 17th winter though that his songs found fruit in another fashion.

During a particularly brutal raid on his village from a neighboring tribe, Gunnar began to roar into song at the top of his lungs! Songs of thunder and lightning, of the storms breaking against the rocks began to flow from his lungs and as they did the sky above the battlefield quickly turned into a roiling lightning storm. The ferocity of the storm was so great that, it crushed the ships of the invading tribe against the beaches and as the attackers tried to flee, bolts of lightning arced through the air slaying them by the dozens! Gunnar and his people had beaten back their assailants but it had come at a great cost in both life and in property. Gunnar was now looked at with fear and terror from those he had once called family, friends, and loved ones. As the people where about to cast him into the ocean that had both saved and nearly killed them, the sound of thunder returned to the now clear skies! A mighty steel wing beast of a Thunderhawk gunship landed between the now horror and awe-stricken survivors and the young Stormbreaker and as the ramp dropped open, the mighty forms of the ‘Wolf Gods’ walked out from its immense gullet. Among the armored men that strode forth, was the mighty Space Wolf Rune Priest Njal Stormcaller, come to take the new protege he had found back to The Fang and train him in the ways of controlling his new found powers.

Gunnar Stormbreaker found himself right at home with his new brothers. His want to learn the tales of the Space Wolves, particularly those of the beloved primarch Leman Russ himself and of the present great wolf Logan Grimnar would see him spending countless hours pouring over the old scrolls and data-slates that were kept on record. He listened with great attention to the tales told by the ancient dreadnaught hulk of Bjorn the Fell-Handed and upon the battlefields when his primary duties were not of great importance, he would begin to recount the tales of his fellow Wolf-brothers where ever they fought in the name of Russ and of the Emperor. His tales during one of the many meetings in The Fangs Great Hall, were so astonishing and enjoyable that Harald Deathwolf came before the Rune Priest, and asked him to permanently be apart of his Great Company. To be chosen directly by any of the Wolf Lords was a great honor to the Skald, that Gunnar raised a flagon of mead and began to sing a rather bawdy wolf-tale that was joined by all but the Great Wolf himself, who could only grin and drink with his men in merryment!

It has been 14 years since Gunnar Stormbreaker joined Deathwolf’s company, he has seen more action and learned more tales while his own terrible psychic powers continued to manifest. He has had many confrontations with the dreaded Thousand Sons chaos legion and with every encounter he has stood victorious over the bodies of many of their vile Sorcerers. His ability to bring the freshest Blood Claw to redouble his efforts, and muster and coordinate fire of the Long Fang packs has brought him higher and higher into the ranks of his great company.

It is this outstanding record, that brings him to the Jerhico Reaches in the service of the Deathwatch. Though his own Wolf Lord, and the men he served with did not wish to see him go they knew that he was due to show even greater honor with the Deathwatch. Gunnar himself sees this as an opportunity to learn more tales, and to spread the tales of his own chapter to the rest of the galaxy all the while making his own mark in the future tales of the Space Wolves and the Deathwatch alike.

Gunnar Stormbreaker

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