Ezekiel Payne


Name: Ezekiel Payne
Rank: Ground Pounder / Ajaba
Serial #: Scratched off/Illegible
Chapter: Celestial Hunters
Specialty: Heavy Weapons
Preferred Weapon(s): Whatever kills the most Tyrranids
I can play on:
Monday Day ( ) Nights ( )
Tuesday Day ( ) Nights ( )
Wednesday Day ( ) Nights ( )
Thursday Day ( ) Nights ( )
Friday Day (X) Nights (X)
Saturdays Day (X ) Nights (X)
Sunday Day (X) Nights (X) (No Houses Nights)

My availability is currently on the weekends mostly because I work @ night M-Th.


A prophet of the Old Times was once quoted as saying “Don’t take life too seriously, nobody ever makes it out alive anyway.”

Ezekiel Payne

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