WS -70 BS -35 STR-50 TOU -50 AGI – 50 INT -40 PER -45 WILL – 60 FEL -45

Psy Level:3

Avenger, Smite, Short Range Telepathy, Might of the Ancients

Blood Frenzy


Calesh’s problem is simply that he asked all the dangerous questions. He was never one to blindly accept anything. He wanted to know more, the motivations, and any question that began with the word “Why” usually ended with him in the brig to “mediate upon his faith.” Whispers started that Calesh was starting to fall, that he had heard the sweet whispers of the Warp and it had taken him. Why would he so curious? Why would he question his duty? Why won’t he just shut up and listen? Calesh always relished the irony of people asking him about his motivations for asking people about their motivations.

Eventually Calesh’s questioning got to be too much. He was told he was to go to the Deathwatch to temper his mind in faith and his sword in blood. The Deathwatch needed young Psykers to help them beat back the Xenos. The fact of the matter is that Calesh was sent to perish. The Emperor has no time for a solider that questions his station in life.

Calesh flourished in the Deathwatch. The Order lets him persue whatever whimsy he wishes as long as he does his duty. Given this bit of freedom, Calesh has learned much and continues to try and gain as much knowledge as possible.

It’s only a matter of time before he stumbles upon something dangerous.


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