Brother Magron

Thought for the day: Success is commemorated, failure merely remembered.


Name: Magron
Rank: 1
Serial# 87233569AZ
Chapter: Angels of Redemption
Specialty: Tactical Marine
Preferred Weapons: Bolter and Combat Shield

Personal Demeanor – Scornful, Pity has no place in a space marines heart
Chapter Demeanor – Son of the Lion
Power Armor History – Bring Death from Afar

WS – 47
BS – 51
Str – 61
Tuf – 47
Agi – 44
Int – 45
Per – 50
WP – 46
Fel – 36

Trained Skills
Awareness (Per), Cipher [Chapter Runes] (Int), Climb (Str), Command 5] (Fel), Common Lore [Adeptus Astartes, Deathwatch, Imperium, War] (Int), Concealment (Agi), Drive (Agi), Forbidden Lore [Xenos] (Int), Literacy (Int), Navigation [Surface] (Int), Scholastic Lore [Codex Astartes] (Int), Silent Move (Agi), Speak Language [High and Low Gothic] (Int), Tactics (Int), Tracking [10] (Int)

Talents and Traits
Starting: Ambidextrous, Astartes Weapon Training, Bulging Biceps, Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight), Killing Strike, Nerves of Steel, Quick Draw, Resistance (Psychic Powers), True Grit, Unarmed Master, Unnatural Strength (2x), Unnatural Toughness (2x)
Gained: Bolter Mastery, Rapid Reload, Signature Wargear [Astartes Combat Shield], Swift Attack, Rival [Skold]

Bolter: Basic, 2d10+5, Tearing, Penetration 5, 100m, Rof S/2/4, Fire Selector
Bolt Pistol: Pistol, 2d10+5, Tearing, Penetration 5, 30m, S/3/-
Combat Knife: Melee, 1d10+2, Rending, Penetration 2
Ceremonial Sword: Melee, 1d10+3, Penetration 2
Astartes Combat Shield: Shield 25, Overload 1-10
3 Frag Grenades
3 Krak Grenades

Wounds: 22

Player Aspirations:
1) Earn the rank of Chaplain
2) Earn honor for his chapter by becoming a
peerless warrior and a master of weaponry
3) Find a fallen dark angel and bring him to justice
4) Defeat a chaos lord
5) Earn the trust of a space wolf

Play Availability
Only on occasion, and I will let the GM know when that is


Brother Magron was recently assigned to the deathwatch from amongst the marines of Angels of Redemption’s 2nd company. Some find it odd that such an undistinguished battle brother would be accepted into the ranks of hallowed xenos foe but since his induction he has proved a worthy ally of all those he has fought alongside, pulling many out of the fire.

Secrecy and whispers still surround him however as rumors have it that he has ulterior motives that go beyond the scope of the deathwatch. This makes some within the organization doubt his loyalties above and beyond the stigma that his chapter has earned. All this compounds for the space wolves involved with him, who no doubt have noticed the wolf-hide sheathe attached to his leg that bears distinct runic markings.

Brother Magron still bears his colors proudly and carries out his duties faithfully, despite the rumors that surround him. He has heard some of the rumors himself but seems to disregard them unless they are brought directly to bear in front of him, regarding those who talk behind his back as cowards unfitting of his attention. Brother Magron carries himself humbly and honorably through his duties to the Deathwatch and this attitude has managed to earn him some friends amongst it’s ranks.

A space marine shrouded in mystery. Will his presence bring glory and honor to those who surround him or will his terrible secret cast a pall over all that it touches?

Brother Magron

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